ROREC Moisturizing Facial Sheet Mask Green


These Moisturizing Facial Sheet Masks hydrate and nourish your skin! Each variety of mask has different focused benefits.

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  • Reservoir: Helps provide moisture to your skin. Improves dry skin using hyaluronic acid & ceramide that have excellent hydration properties. Helps tightens loose pores and regulates sebum
  • Collagen: Assists in tightening and keeping skin firm. After your first use your skin will immediately feel firmer & lifted. With long term use, not only does it improve sagging skin, it can delay signs of aging caused by loose skin.
  • Vitamin: Helps control production of melanin and makes your skin bright and radiant. Contains Vitamin C. This mask helps to brighten and whiten dull skin. Long term use can make skin brighter, as well as even out your skin tone & pigmentation caused by sunburn.
  • Hyaluronic: This masks concentrates on skin problem areas for rapid and instant relief. It effectively controls oil secretion and cleanses the skin.


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